In current fast paced IT environment paving opportunities for mobile, SNS marketing, Big Data analysis, IOT (Internet of Things); Data Management is becoming more and more, a key responsibility of IT organizations.

Analytic Solutions (Data Analytic & Management)

In current fast paced IT environment paving opportunities for mobile, SNS marketing, Big Data analysis, IOT (Internet of Things); Data Management is becoming more and more, a key responsibility of IT organizations. In order to overcome issues related to overflow of mass data quantity, Locus provides total Data Analytics & Management Solution, from data development to high-end analytics and management.

1. DW Solutions

Locus Data Warehouse Solutions
In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive market environment, organizations of all sizes need to be able to quickly adapt ever changing market conditions and customer demands. Locus provides integrated data warehouse solutions, including but not limited to, enterprise data management, analysis- exacted business demand, data consistency through EAI and ETLC, data analysis, data cleansing, etc. Locus Data Warehouse solutions are designed to support accurate decision-making to improve business process efficiency.

  • Data flow based on EDW & unification of real-time data flow
  • Real-time information delivery to ODS
  • Data redundancy prevention and data integration through summary data based on segmented EDW
  • Establishment of enterprise data sharing system through data standardization and metadata
  • Specialized organization for management of data architecture principles and standards

2. BI Solutions

Becoming insight-driven, helps enterprises to excel to the next level of value creation and acquire competitive advantage. Locus Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions provide relevant, complete and consistent information, tailored to customer functions and roles. By delivering an insight to help predict the best next step that can positively influence business outcomes, clients are able to take actions based on facts resulting from optimized decisions, actions and customer interactions.

Locus Business Intelligence Implementation Services

Locus offers extensive BI Reporting and Analytics Services to support clients’ BI goals. Our expertise is based on years of experience working with industry leading tools and technologies, including Oracle’s OBIEE, Application Analytics, OWD/ODI and IBM Cognos, SAS, Qlikview, Informatica and Hyperion, for clients across a wide variety of industries. Locus offers a flexible approach to BI Solutions, by leveraging packaged products and fully customizing platforms based on clients’ specific technological & business requirements.

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3. Data Mining Solutions

Locus Data Mining Solutions enable clients to navigate through layers of related and unrelated data; to analyze and establish key relationships that will help maintain high standards of customer relations, seek new business opportunities, reduce costs, and gain competitive edge. Locus data mining techniques have been specialized to effectively explore vast data warehouses, allowing clients to make proactive decisions that harness enhanced insights to their large data stores. Our Data Mining Solutions will surface patterns and trends in client data, that clients may never have though to look for.

Locus Data Mining Implementation Services

Locus offers the most comprehensive Data Mining Implementation Services, taking raw data to accurate, business-driven analytical models with seamless, efficient processes.

Data Mining process steps include:

  • Defining business problems/issues
  • Data collection and enhancement
  • Modeling strategies
  • Analyzing results
  • Implementing results

Locus Data Mining Implementation Services: Operational Support
Locus operates in-house Help Desk and relevant support team, dedicated to responding quickly and effectively to any complex technical issues. Locus guarantees its support team to be on standby, to ensure continuity of Data Mining operations in the fastest manner.

4. DQ Solutions

Locus Data Quality Management Solution
Many organizations today purchase relevant application tools to derive quantitative metrics. As inaccuracies in data reports and metrics act as a major cause of bad decision-making, data accuracy for an organization is a critical factor in securing clear visibility to increase revenue, reduce costs and increase customer profitability. By applying best practices in data quality management, Locus provides powerful Data Quality Management Framework and Data Quality Management System to clients from diverse industries.