Locus CRM provides the most comprehensive customer management and contact center solution available to all industries, outlined by the CRM operations map.

Locus CRM

Locus CRM provides the most comprehensive customer management and contact center solution available to all industries, outlined by the CRM operations map. Through integration with back office systems, inventory, accounting, and HR system, Locus CRM provides a comprehensive best of breed, end-to-end solution to encompass all customer touch points while simultaneously providing flexible configuration to suit unique requirements.

Locus CRM business process is mapped to industry standards to handle all aspects of customer management;from sales, to marketing, customer service request handling, to problem handling and quality management. In the face of the challenges brought by the rapid transformation of various industries, organizations can leverage Locus CRM functionality to build a whole solution specifically tailored to their needs. Locus CRM automates key CRM processes out-of-the-box and integrates seamlessly with back office and external systems.

CRM Solution 1

1. Service

Locus CRM Service module provides contact center agents or any front-end staffs who serve customers, with a single intuitive view. The module is well suited for contact center agents and customer service representative (CSRs) handling inbound customer interactions such as customer information inquiries, product information or service requests; as well as outbound customer interactions such as call back or email activities. The Service module provides out-of-the-box computer telephony integration (CTI) to connect callers with customer profile information. 


CRM Solution 2

2. Marketing

Locus CRM Marketing module enables organizations to plan, manage and execute sophisticated, synchronized marketing campaigns across all customer touch points. Robust segmentation capabilities support highly personalized and targeted one-to-one campaigns. Real-time response tracking features monitor and measure campaign effectiveness and support decision-making for on-the-fly campaign modifications. By using Locus CRM Marketing, marketers can strengthen customer relations, increase customer lifetime value, and maximize campaign ROI.


Marketing 1


Marketing 2

3. Sales

Locus CRM Sales module provides sales person, contact center agents with great systematic support in accordance to various industry-wide best practices in sales (from leads to sales orders). Sales module works seamlessly to support sales activities enabling integration with other back office systems such as inventory and order fulfillment system, by using its industry standard technologies.


4. Loyalty

Locus CRM Loyalty is a comprehensive, customer-centric loyalty solution that supports entire loyalty program lifecycle. Locus CRM Loyalty includes in-depth industry and loyalty best practices for member enrollment and management, tier management, accrual and redemption, personalized loyalty promotions and member communications. Locus CRM Loyalty module provides an open, standard-based, and scalable platform in order to easily integrate with other systems.



Locus CRM UI / UX

Locus CRM adopted a new UI platform to support cross browser and various mobile devices such as iPad and android browsers; which are compatible with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. Locus CRM V2 is independent on browsers and mobile devices; making it a cross platform, multi-purpose CRM application from back office users to field agents.


Locus CRM


Siebel CRM

Siebel Implementation Services

Locus Siebel Implementation Services offer unparalleled expertise, leading-edge technology, and best-in-class methodologies designed to deliver Siebel implementation that maximizes overall return on investment, secures competitive advantage, and increases user satisfaction. We offer full range of Siebel consultancy services covering consulting, development and support. Locus Siebel Implementation Services also include Oracle Siebel’s new UI platform configuration (a new trend oriented for multi-platform and cross browsers/devices).


Locus Siebel Implementation Services: Coverage

Locus Siebel Team has various industry experiences in telecommunications, banks, retails, healthcare, etc. Locus Siebel Team is equipped with strong implementation methodology to ensure delivery of best quality of output on a timely manner.


Locus Siebel Implementation Service: Operational Support
Locus has extensive support infrastructure to respond quickly and effectively to complex technical issues. Locus technical support team is guaranteed to be on standby, to ensure continuity of Siebel operations in the fastest manner.