Thailand’s insurance market is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Thailand’s insurance market is considered to be one of the fastest growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The market has seen significant changes through increasing number of insurers, introduction of foreign investments, market liberalization/regulatory changes, and complex diversification of sales channels. As such, insurers and policyholders have become ever more sophisticated with requirements that need to be met efficiently, cost- effectively and effortlessly.

While directly experiencing these regional market changes, Locus has relentlessly continued to study global life and non-life insurance sectors, distributions channels, and insurance IT developments; to promptly approach and deliver comprehensive integrated solutions to clients. Through these efforts, Locus has accumulated market-leading expertise as follows:

  • Abundance of expert resources (consultants, analysts, engineers) in each respective insurance core modules
  • Diverse client-base in local insurance market
  • Partnership programs with various Korean insurance companies, system integrators, consulting firms.
  • Possess model and prototype for insurance business core system (customized to suit local business processes), specialized in model-driven implementations

Major modules are introduced as below:

Product Factory

Product factory provides sophisticated and robust functions that can significantly reduce and improve lead time, from product development to launch

Key Features
  • Various rule configuration tools to support product and other business modules (Integrated Rule Management)
  • Pool of product, components and attributes (product development by combination and copy of existing components and attributes)
  • Prompt and easy verification of product configurations

New Business
New Business module provides seamless and consistent view for the convenience of business users, and allows quick processing of major business activities

Key Features
  • Simple & consistent view and process (similar and consistent view/functions for quotation and application, one single screen and process to handle new business application)
  • Automated system underwriting (Rule-based Underwriting)
  • New Business Underwriting via linkage to Image Processing System
  • Various Auto Assignment Rule and Processing (rule based on region, product, type)
  • Prompt processing to Accounting-Link (Auto Journalizing)

Claim module provides an integrated process for all customer-relevant activities, enabling users to serve customer needs quickly, without missing any information and activity

Key Features
  • Claim processing based on customer (Customer Centric)
  • Integrated Image Processing via linkage to Image Processing System
  • Rule-based Claim Management (Auto U/W, Case Assignment)
  • Integrated Claim Payment (Customer Centric)
  • Prompt processing to Accounting-Link (Journalizing)


Payment module enables users to process payment and relevant activities within a designated timeframe, allowing improvement in business processing and customer satisfaction

Key Features
  • Single view of payment (Customer Centric)
  • Rule-based Payment Management (surrender Value, dividend, based on rules)
  • Integrated General Payment Management (Customer Centric)
  • Prompt processing to Accounting-Link (Journalizing)
  • Various ‘built-in’ annuity payment methods (whole life, inheritance, fixed)

Billing & Collection

Billing & Collection module provides clear real-time view of billing/collection processes, improving business transparency and promptness

Key Features
  • Various deposit processing (online, real time, auto transfer, credit card and etc.)
  • Integrated Billing (Customer Centric)
  • Online Batch Collection (Mission Critical Process)
  • Prompt processing to Accounting-Link (Journalizing)

Policy Administration
Policy Administration module enables easy and simple management of policy, while rule-based configuration provides quick adjustment to rapid business/service changes

Key Features
  • Single-Point Management of policy (reinstatement and policy changes through consistent screens and processes)
  • Rule-based Policy Administration (changes and verification on insured amount, insured person, insured period, etc.)
  • System audit on all policy changes histories
  • Simulation on policy changes (surrender value differences, changes in insured amount)

Actuary Closing

Actuary Closing module provides firm and prompt statistical data for closings, which works as a base information for ERP (Accounting) system and enterprise finance evaluation

Key Features
  • Firm architecture for securing integrity (consistency)
  • Quick closing/reporting to expedite business decision-making
  • Auto Journalizing System
  • Simplified configurations


Channel Integration module provides consistent functions, seamless modification and application of the system, thus allowing different channels to view and use same functions for sales and other key business activities

Key Features
  • Centralized single service provisioning to all channels (by MCI)
  • Service-oriented architecture (open architecture for various technologies).
  • Single-Point Management of core business processes (from new product launch to business process changes, in one place).