Information Strategic Planning (ISP) is the basis for
making information technology (IT) and development decisions.

Information Strategic Planning

Information Strategic Planning (ISP) is the basis for making information technology (IT) and development decisions. ISP report presents systematic approaches in achieving these, where clients can derive IT strategies and plans that aligns with corporate business strategies.

ISP is also the cornerstone for meeting information needs and providing a shared data environment. It assists clients in setting out clear plan, and develop a common information architecture to jump start development projects. The ISP project plan lays concrete schedule for projects, specifically defined to support all level of needs: operation and production, functional management reporting, information warehousing, and decision-support systems.

Locus will perform the role of a 'business enabler' to assist efficient IT management that aligns with business strategies, by delivering efficient IT support, key issue resolutions, and process standardization.

1. Alignment between IT strategy and strategic business initiatives

  • IT strategy tied to business direction and vision

2. Market-aligned business process

  • In-depth status analysis to identify clear improvement points
  • Tested & proven best practices, that allows rapid response to environmental change

3. Guidelines for tangible business performance improvement, through process enhancement

  • Elimination of inefficiencies in business processes, by identifying improvement opportunities

4. Risk diagnosis and identification, prior to Next Generation System implementation

  • Development of IT architecture, supporting improved processes/organizational directions
  • Identifying key success factors with risk management plans, to ensure successful
  • transition from PI (Process Innovation) to NGS (Next Generation System)

CRM Competence Assessment

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Competence Assessment is aimed to diagnose client’s CRM process, system and data; and based on such analysis of AS-IS, best-fit CRM process (sales, service, marketing) and CRM system architecture are drawn out to suggest key improvements. Locus’ extensive knowledge and experiences in CRM system implementation and assessment are fully utilized to provide benefits to clients from diverse industries in improving their current CRM processes.

Analysis Framework

Consulting Service

Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program aims to increase and strengthen the loyalty relationship between clients and their customers; through analysis and restructuring of clients’ As-Is process, dataand existing loyalty program. Key aspects of this consulting service includes establishment of point/mileage policies, tier programs, loyalty strategiesand customer insights.

Locus fully utilized its extensive experiences in CRM Consulting and CRM System Development, to search and provide the best-fit loyalty program strategy and action plan for clients.

Expected benefits of “Expansion and Enhancement of Membership/Mileage Program” are:

1. Value To Customer – Increase in customer benefits, enhanced customer experience
2. Value To Company – Acquisition of prospect customers, enhanced customer loyalty
3. Value To Sales Team - Increase in sales opportunity and profitability

Strategic approach for Customer Loyalty Program

I.Expansion of Membership/Mileage
1) Plan to Increase Members

2) Plan to Increase Rewards/Benefit
3) Membership/Mileage System Implementation

II.Customer Insight Expansion and Improvement

4) Information Management Plan
5) CI (Customer Insight) Acquisition
6) CI Analysis System Implementation

III.Multi-Channel based Campaign Enhancement

7) Design Multi-Channel Contact Rule
8) Campaign Management System Implementation