Contact centers, for many business entities, are increasingly serving as the main channel of communication with their customers.

Contact centers, for many business entities, are increasingly serving as the main channel of communication with their customers. Accordingly, they have become a strategic element in customer relationship management for purposes of customer retention and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased revenue. Locus' Customer Service Solutions specifically provide proactive monitoring measures to ensure the reliability, effectiveness and efficiency of contact center operations.


Maintenance Service

We provide a variety of customizable maintenance services which are suitable for any size of business, at reasonable prices. Clients can choose from a combination of maintenance services and corresponding service levels that match their needs and budget. The scope of our contact center maintenance service goes beyond mere functional maintenance. Rather, it involves a proactive and continuous process of striving to find the best maintenance measures to optimize the operation of a contact center, with a clear aim for creating maximum efficiency and bottom-line profitability for our clients. Each set of maintenance services is provided as a whole, and is designed to support our clients' contact center operations with preventive and corrective measures.


  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)

This involves actions to avoid potential system failures and to maintain uninterrupted services. Our Preventive Maintenance process can greatly help to keep the contact center working properly.


  • Corrective Maintenance (CM)

This involves actions to bring the system and/or equipment back within normal operating parameters. Through our 24/7 Helpdesk Service, clients can instantly report problems that will trigger immediate response actions.


Premium Service

Locus provides an integrated set of comprehensive services which reach far beyond those of other contact center maintenance service providers in Thailand. Locus recognizes the importance of continued enhancement and optimization of our clients' contact centers, particularly in today's fast-changing and competitive business environment.


  • Preventive Enhancement (PE)

These services ensure contact centers and their systems to run in an optimum manner to improve overall system effectiveness, performance, and reliability; and to anticipate any problems which may arise. PE consists of two types of activities:

    •  Contact Center System Proactive Enhancement: These enhancement activities deal with performance monitoring and fine-tuning to further enhance system's efficiency by providing analysis reports through performance indicators. This is to ensure that the key indicators are within the suitable range of specific industry standards.
    •  Contact Center Business Performance Enhancement: These activities are aimed at measuring business performances of contact centers. Based on key performance indicators for inbound and outbound calls, Locus provides enhancement strategy reports on contact center performance levels, to identify opportunities further improvements. The benchmarking standards if these indicators vary by industry, and depend on the nature of the call center business itself.


  • Adaptive Enhancement (AE)

Adaptive Enhancement involves modification of existing systems and applications to enable them to adapt to changes demanded by new business processes and regulatory requirements. Locus offers consulting services for system operation practice and system customization; and within a specified window of time, also provides modification and customization services.


  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Disaster Recovery Plan identifies recovery procedure requirements. DRP consist of business impact and risk assessment plans, as well as recovery strategy elements and requirements. DRP allows clients construct a systematic plan, including emergency practice drills,that combines various recovery options that best suit their call center environment.


Help Desk Service

Locus' dedicated Help Desk Service allows clients to make inquiries and request assistance, in accordance to their respective contract for services. Help Desk Service provides various operating days/times consistent with Locus' Corrective maintenance service levels. Clients have access to a team of contact center experts who can provide prompt responses to any inquiry related to troubleshooting and support.